Procedural City in Javascript

Inspired by Shamus Young’s Procedural City series, where he builds a randomly generated city set at night, I decided to attempt to recreate his metropolis in Javascript, using Three.js, a library I’d experimented with briefly but never really used.

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Currently, immediate access to commonly used apps on Android is not so immediate, so I’m working on a gesture-based lock screen. Easily-memorized gestures help users rapidly select a number of applications directly from the moment they wake their phone. It’s currently in a prototype form only, with development on Github.


I wanted to work on my Windows programming and C++, so I turned my Python Ambihue program into a more fully feautured GUI app, with persistent settings and a taskbar icon and everything. Digging into win32 APIs for screengrabs hurt my brain, though. The project is on Github.


I used Splitwise at work to make bill paying easier at lunch, but with large groups it could get complicated to tell who owed the most. I wrote an app that would take your Splitwise login via OAuth, get your list of friends, and would tell you who owed the most out of those at lunch. Developed a prototype, with code available on Github.