Weaknotes 2

The last week of joblessness is over - tomorrow is my first day at a consulting agency. Hopefully a year from now I’ll have met a lot of people in the Melbourne tech scene, will have learned a lot more (new languages and technologies?) and will be well on the road to becoming a senior developer.

  • I had two sessions with Kite Republic doing their intro to kitesurfing course. It looks fun from a distance and I’d tried the land equivalent briefly in Berlin, but kitesurfing seems to have a much larger kite and boy, the moment the wind catches it and pulls you forwards is a huge rush. Today’s session had erratic wind and a lot of crowds but it still only took a brief sample of the fun stuff and I feel hooked. A third session in a couple weekends and I will probably be looking into buying the gear after that…
  • Picked up Caveblazers after seeing it mentioned as Spelunky meets Risk of Rain, which is an apt description. It doesn’t quite have the system-generated-chaos that Spelunky does, and combat feels a little harder to manage (the Risk of Rain influence I suppose) but I’ve been thinking about difficulty in these sort of deliberately-hard games. Moving through combats is currently an exercise in button mashing while my health slowly drains away, too fast paced for me to feel in control or recognize what I should be doing to improve. But playing is almost an exercise in training one’s subconscious as opposed to consciously choosing and changing tactics - like with my many hours playing Nuclear Throne, you just play it and (hopefully) enjoy the mastery of slowly improving even if you couldn’t specifically name why.
  • A Star Is Born was beautiful, especially the first quarter which really struck me as powerful. It seems unfair to compare it to Bohemian Rhapsody as they’re not really that related but both just happen to be big movies about music that came out at the same time but I couldn’t help it - they did feel like such different films to me, like two separate genres - Bohemian Rhapsody feels like a movie designed to make you feel something while A Star is Born wants to make you think? That doesn’t feel like a fair statement at all actually, I’ll have to keep thinking about what the core difference is.
  • We have begun to vaguely start thinking about a wedding. Oh boy.