Weaknotes 1

Inspired by Alice Bartlett, this is minimal expectation blogging.

  • finished Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, which felt like the purest sci fi I can remember reading recently (even if a lot of it was politics). Keen to start the next soon. Like his other novel Aurora, it balanced bleak struggles with a dash of optimism.
  • My new job starts next week, with a little travel to Hobart. Work travel can be exciting as long as it doesn’t happen too frequently. Mainly just hoping my new coworkers are friendly.
  • I spent New Years’ camping at Totaranui with extended family, and Abel Tasman National Park seems like peak New Zealand. Beautiful beaches, low-fidelity but high-comfort camping, biking and fishing and swimming and relaxing. Tourism is NZs biggest earner and balancing the income while maintaining the country’s ecology is tricky, particularly when NZs other big earners (e.g. dairy farming) probably make things less attractive to tourists.
  • I’m reminded of an article I read a few months back about putting a spotlight on a restaurant, enough that the restaurant buckled under the attention and hasn’t opened again since.
  • Somehow missed the new Life Swap episode. I think considering attention vs quality this is the most criminally underrated show on the internet.

Now if the purpose of this is to kind of step away from social media, do I post a link to this on Facebook/Twitter or not?