Me, jumping.

Hi, I'm Malcolm. I'm from New Zealand. I build websites and mobile applications. Right now I'm travelling Europe with my girlfriend and working on an Android launcher app.



android WIP

Currently, immediate access to commonly used apps on Android is not so immediate, so I’m working on a gesture-based lock screen. Easily-memorized gestures help users rapidly select a number of applications directly from the moment they wake their phone. It’s currently in a prototype form only, with development on Github.

Nuclear Throne Twitter Bot

twitter ruby

I created a bot that tweets mashups of quotes from Nuclear Throne. It has over 450 followers (more than I do; I’m not sure how that makes me feel). You can follow the bot on twitter or read about the creation process.


C++ win32

I wanted to work on my Windows programming and C++, so I turned my Python Ambihue program into a more fully feautured GUI app, with persistent settings and a taskbar icon and everything. Digging into win32 APIs for screengrabs hurt my brain, though. The project is on Github.


iOS OAuth

I used Splitwise at work to make bill paying easier at lunch, but with large groups it could get complicated to tell who owed the most. I wrote an app that would take your Splitwise login via OAuth, get your list of friends, and would tell you who owed the most out of those at lunch. Developed a prototype, with code available on Github.


Javascript RaphaelJS

A Javascript version of the Shacknews Chatty Visualizer I’d made, to reinforce my Javascript skills. Worked on keeping code clean and object-oriented; the code is on on Github and you can view the project live here.

Shacknews Chatty Visualizer


A force based visualization of the tree graph made by posts in the Shacknews forum system. I made this for my data visualization class and was voted best visualization. I ended up giving a talk on force based visualizations in my technical writing class as a result of this project. More details are available in the blog post I wrote about the project.

Sonos Hack Week projects

Python iOS Javascript Ruby SOAP

Several times a year, Sonos hosted hack weeks where employees could spend time working on any project they could think of, as long as it was Sonos related.

The results are largely unsuitable for public consumption, but a list of the projects I created are here:

  • PA software, to record audio from a computer and broadcast it to a Sonos component
  • Google Music API for Sonos
  • Phillips Hue API for Sonos
  • Gesture based controller interface mockup for iOS
  • Controller UI colour scheme driven by album art
  • Sonos dashboard showing track info, Jira bugs, Google Analytics data
  • IFTTT to Sonos server

Penguin Pull


A video game made using XNA for a video game class at UCSC, created by three of us over the course of a semester. I worked primarily on UI programming and the game loop framework, plus some of the artwork. You can read more about it in a blog post I wrote.


Yesterday I attended my second gamejam, an eight hour event where teams form to work on small games together around some loose themes, which this time were Black & White, Rockets, and Masks.


It’s early to say this, and maybe a little crazy, but I can’t help but put Twenty, a simple game from Stephen French, in the same category as Tetris. Not just in the way it plays - though it shares that methodical feeling of clearing a space that transitions to crowded panic - but in how it takes just a single mechanic and a simple interface to create something truly elegant and timeless. Twenty deserves to be played for decades to come, just like Tetris.