JetBrains Projector in WSL2

So: You’ve got a nice fast Windows desktop, and a nice portable laptop, and you want to edit code in IntelliJ on the laptop and run it on the desktop. Seems easy enough, right? VS Code does this pretty much out-of-the-box with its Remote Development feature. But for (apparently complex architectural) reasons this is not so easily done on JetBrains IDEs, so instead they’ve released software called Projector that allows them to run the IDE on the server, but rendering the GUI over HTTP to your web browser. Sounds a little crazy but it works quite well!

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For the last few weeks I’ve been in COVID-19 self isolation, and on unpaid leave, so things have been pretty quiet. My parents, on the other hand, own a small orchard and are classed as essential personnel, so they’ve been hard at work picking plums, grading them, packing, and (as the market is closed) hand delivering fruit around the region, and sometimes shipping boxes further afield. A lot of the manual labour is unavoidable but the sales and payments seemed like a lot of wasted work, so I thought I’d try to help with a simple website where customers could order fruit.

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Weaknotes 5

Two successful kiteboarding sessions over the weekend! Had a fair bit of stopping and starting but eventually found the groove and wow, the feeling of being pulled over the water at high speed by the wind is like flying.

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Weaknotes 4

A week with a client looking into some of their software has had me thinking about complexity. Some older code uses Spring Boot, which was a simplified approach to the complexity of Spring Framework, which itself was a response to the complexity of J2EE. And yet it’s still a giant hulking piece of software to use, and while there may be 100 great features it provides, if we only need 2 of those I think it’s worth remembering that they don’t come free.

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