A Javascript version of the Shacknews Chatty Visualizer I’d made, to reinforce my Javascript skills. Worked on keeping code clean and object-oriented; the code is on on Github and you can view the project live here.

Shacknews Chatty Visualizer

A force based visualization of the tree graph made by posts in the Shacknews forum system. I made this for my data visualization class and was voted best visualization. I ended up giving a talk on force based visualizations in my technical writing class as a result of this project. More details are available in the blog post I wrote about the project.

Sonos Hack Week projects

Several times a year, Sonos hosted hack weeks where employees could spend time working on any project they could think of, as long as it was Sonos related.

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Penguin Pull

A video game made using XNA for a video game class at UCSC, created by three of us over the course of a semester. I worked primarily on UI programming and the game loop framework, plus some of the artwork. You can read more about it in a blog post I wrote.

Building a Nuclear Throne _ebooks Bot

A little background: @horse_ebooks at some point was a spam Twitter account that followed some algorithm to tweet odd amalgamations of sentences that people decided was cute or interesting. Eventually it turned into a weird art project thing but that’s not too important - eventually people took the idea and built their own little Twitter bots that did something similar.

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