Go see The Cabin in the Woods

02 May 2012

I have two projects due this week and two midterms next week so all I’m going to say is: Go see The Cabin in the Woods. It’s a non-traditional horror movie, and I hardly like horror movies at all. That’s all the detail I want to get into because it’s really a movie you should go see with as few expectations as possible.

Cabin in the Woods poster

One thing I will say about it: It reminds me a bit of Community (a show I apparently should have been watching a long time ago) in that it’s story is told by context. My favourite Community episodes are the ones that are homages to particular genres or shows (the Law & Order one especially), and Cabin in the Woods draws on all other horror movies similarly: it’s a horror movie about horror movies.

If you’re anyone, you’ll love this movie, and if you like horror movies I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even more.


Yesterday I attended my second gamejam, an eight hour event where teams form to work on small games together around some loose themes, which this time were Black & White, Rockets, and Masks.


It’s early to say this, and maybe a little crazy, but I can’t help but put Twenty, a simple game from Stephen French, in the same category as Tetris. Not just in the way it plays - though it shares that methodical feeling of clearing a space that transitions to crowded panic - but in how it takes just a single mechanic and a simple interface to create something truly elegant and timeless. Twenty deserves to be played for decades to come, just like Tetris.