Weaknotes 3

First week at the new job is done. Three days of intros and meetings and trying to remember names, then two days on-site with a client. I always enjoy getting a new laptop and setting it up just right, but Friday discovered we’d have to work inside Windows VMs to be able to access this customer’s intranet. Oh well.

  • Watched The Breaker-Upperers, which was very funny though the drama seemed a little forced.
  • Trying to get our finances in order, I set up Firefly III, a self-hosted finance manager. Seems to work pretty well so far, there’s a way to access most banks via a shared API called Spectre. The whole point is to be able to answer questions about our money (e.g. how much do we spend on X) but coming up with a categorization/tagging system is difficult when you don’t really know what questions you’ll want to ask in the future. There are similar problems in software architecture.
  • Don’t know what my superpower is but my inability to remember names is definitely my superweakness.